in leanne's land,

You know how there’s guy code and girl code and everything? Well I just recently found out there’s sibling code too. There’s probably more, but there’s one MAIN rule that’s hardly ever spoken between siblings: If one fuck up, the others won’t snitch on that sibling. Doesn’t get any simpler than that. All you gotta ask is one question: “Do mom and dad know?” And whatever the answer is, you don’t mention anything to them and just leave the scene like nothing ever happened. Sibling got a tattoo? Never happened. Sibling’s girlfriend/boyfriend slept over? Never happened. Sibling went out in the middle of the night while mom and dad were out of town? Never happened.

Siiigh, people should stop assuming they know the whole story. How you gon’ tell somebody they’re being too serious about something when you don’t even know half of what’s going on…

Somehow I convinced my dad to let me stay home today. I had to lie to him though and say I had a headache. Now I’ve just been laying in bed all day. Literally, I haven’t moved. Sigh, I hate school so much.

Isn’t home supposed to be where you’re most comfortable, where you can relax? So why is there always someone yelling over here then…

All of my mom’s siblings who live in the area are at my house right now ‘cause something happened in the family and they’re all giving each other emotional support. It’s REALLY sweet. Like, they’ve been here since this morning and now they’re all sitting around the dinner table just talking. For all you people out there who are actually like this with your siblings…I’m really jealous of you. I wish I was like this with my siblings. Seriously, if you can have casual lunches or dinners with your siblings and just talk and talk and talk then cherish that.

It’s 4 in the morning. I’m in the living room staring at a blank word processor ‘cause I’m just so effing…I don’t even know the word for this. I’m not tired or exhausted or anything. Not at all. Actually, I only get like three hours of sleep or less nowadays (yes, I’m aware summer is the time for lots of sleep) but I’m just not tired/don’t want to sleep. And ever since my friggin’ brother took my friggin’ car (as you can see I’m not a trooper on that), I’m always home. So you’d think I’d be getting tons of sleep. Naaaaaah. I guess I’m just tired of this. I only have two essays left though so I seriously need to force myself to finish this stuff before Wednesday. My oldest brother came home two hours ago and right now he’s passed out on the couch beside me. If I had a nickel for every time this happened he wouldn’t even need to pay for my car and wouldn’t be bitching at me ‘cause of that (now you can see one of the reasons why I’m not a trooper on the whole ‘my other brother took my car’ thing). My mom woke up a while ago and she’s in the other living room blowing her nose every thirty seconds and coughing every second in between. She’s been sick this whole week. I don’t know what she’s sick with…I’m worried about her. She just blew her nose again. I’m barely on my tumblr and I never post anything nowadays but I’m forced to resort to ranting on this ‘cause no one else wants to talk to me. Haha. Not even joking ‘bout that though, no one legit wants to talk to me. But yeah, this is how you know I’m bored. When I’m on tumblr. It’s been a while since I’ve procrastinated like this. This is how you know school’s starting soon! Lulz. Okay, two more essays left. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Troubles of the new driver.
Me: Dad, it's almost out of gas.
Dad: That's not my problem anymore.

My instructor for my 3rd behind the wheel lesson said that if I took the test now I would pass :DDDDD OMG, I was so excited when I got home that I broke one of our refrigerator magnets and almost hurt my dad hahahahah. My test is next Monday, June 18th and I’ve been watching driving test videos on Youtube for a good two or three hours (with food and drink breaks, of course). I iz so nervous. This is kinda bad but I’m more nervous for my driving test than I am for my finals this week TROLOLOLOL

Why is everything so damn complicated now. Why am I getting involved in drama when I don’t even try nor want to be involved in it. Why does it seem like all I do is stress people out. Why is it that no matter what I do, someone gets hurt. Why can’t everything and everyone be chill and cool and worry-free and good and simple and perfect. Why why why.

I’m so pisssssssed. You don’t even know. I ordered @holabreezy’s gift but they decide to call me back yesterday saying that there’s a problem w/ my order and they can’t produce it so I’ll have to call them back to fix it. BUUUUT the number they gave me was actually the customer service line that’s only up from 8AM-8PM ET. They called me when it was like 8 over there already so they’re basically forcing me to wait a whole weekend even though I’m tryna get this gift to my best friend asap. Ughh, I guess it’s my fault for getting it so late and for not reading directions properly ):